Assembling the Z-axis

Needed parts

2 x Z-Axis top bracket
2 x Z-Axis motor holder
2 x NEMA17 motor
2x 5 x 5 mm aluminium Z Motor Coupler
6 x M3x10 bolt
2 x 430 mm M5 threaded rod
2 x 450 mm, smooth rod, diameter 8 mm
8 x 3.5 x 25 mm wood screws



  • Mount the stepper motor on the printed piece and and align it all with the frame.
  • Drill into the side of the frame through the hole and attach a wood screw.
  • Remove the motor and hold the printed piece against the frame aligned, and drill the second hole.
  • Add a screw. Do not over-tighten these two screws or you will harm the part.


Mount the stepper motor to the frame


Take the two 5 x 5 mm aluminium Z Motor Couplers


Attach them to the 5mm axis of the stepper motor, and tighten the two nuts.


  • Take the two 5mm threaded rods, screw them all the way through the M5 nut on the X-Axis carriage.
  • Adjust the threaded rods so that the X-Axis carriage is horizontal.
  • Tighten the two nuts in the motor couplers


Now proceed to chapter 5: Assembling the Extruder


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