Assembling the X-axis

Needed parts:

  • X-Axis idler
  • X-Axis carriage
  • X-Axis motor holder
  • 2 x M5 nuts
  • 1 x M5 bolt
  • 4x LM8UU linear bearings
  • 2 x 470 mm smooth rods
  • 1 x NEMA17 motor
  • 3 x M3x10 bolt
  • 1 x Pulley


Mount the X-axis stepper motor with the M3x10 bolts on the printed part


The Belt tensioner

Parts Needed:

  • X-Axis belt tensioner
  • 2 x F624 bearings
  • 1 x M4 nuts
  • 1 x M4x30 screws


Slide the M4 nut into the trap op the idler. If the M4 nut doesn’t fits in the trap. Don’t force it in, you might damage the printed part. Instead use a soldering iron to heat the nut, and gently push the nut  into the trap.

untitled-4863 untitled-4864 untitled-4977

Mounting the linear bearings in the printed parts


Slide in the LM8UU bearings into the printed parts with reasonable force. You might want to clean the printed parts first. Insert a smooth rods into the bearings before doing so if necessary.

untitled-4972     untitled-4974   untitled-4975

Insert the X-belt tensioner in the right-side printed part.

Parts needed:

  • 2x M4 x 25mm screws
  • 1x M4 bolt

untitled-4976 untitled-4978

Now, slide the smooth rods through the bearings.



Mounting the M5 nuts in the printed parts

Use a length of threaded M5 rod and a soldering iron to gently melt the M5 nut in the printed part. Remove the threaded rod.


Now the M5 nut sits firmly into it’s trap


In a later stage, your printer should look like this:


 Installing the belt and pulley.

I used a GT2 pulley and belt to drive my X-Axis.




First, screw the pulley on the motor shaft like this. Align the pulley so that the belt can run smoothly through the hole in the printed part. Further information of how to install the driver belt can be found in chapter 5 (The Extruder).


Now proceed to chapter 4: The Z-Axis


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