Setting up the Software and Firmware

The Arduino and Repetier Software

Before you can startup the printer and run the first calibration tests, you have to install the software needed to run the printer. There are a couple of programs available for REPRAP. I used Repetier; it is easy to configure, and you don’t need to recompile the firmware every time you change something in the settings. Since the RAMPS board is driven by Arduino, you need the Arduino client upload the Repetier firmware to the Arduino board. The Arduino client can be found at Arduino. The Repetier firmware and client can be found at


Configure the Arduino Client

After installation of the Arduino client you need to configure some settings in order to get the Repetier firmware on the RAMPS board.

First select the board type, with a standard RAMPS board, this should be the Arduino Mega 2560


Second, the compiler should be set. Select AVRISP mkII from the tools menu.


Select the appropriate com (or serial) port with which the Arduino should communicate with the computer.


After all is set, you can open the repetier.ino file you just downloaded, and press the arrow icon in the Arduino client (see red circle). The software will compile and upload the program to the Arduino board.



Setting up the Repetier Client

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