Building and installing the E3D v5 hotend

I have a E3D V5 HotEnd. E3D has done an excellent job on their instruction manual, so I keep it short.

Below you see the main aluminium body of the HotEnd. It is heated by a resistor that runs on 12V. A thermistor is mounted in a small hole next to the resistor.

Screw the short end of the head-break into the heater block, like in the picture below



Screw the nozzle into the heater block until it butts up against the heat-break inside the block. Don’t tighten the nozzle right now. That is done later.



Strip the supplied wire and crimp the ends to the legs of the thermistor. First wrap a small amount of kapton tape around one of the legs, and make sure you cover the leg from beginning to the end, on both sides. If the legs make contact the resistance measured will be zero and your HotEnd will not work.

Insulate the other leg of the thermistor and put the head of the thermistor in the small blind hole next to the resistor hole. Secure the thermistor with Kapton tape.


Now mount the heater cartridge (resistor) in the big hole of the heater block. It should be at the centre of the block and tightened with a small M3 grub screw.



Screw on the heat sink onto the long end of the heat-break. Firmly finger tight is right. If you use a spanner you can snap the thermal break at the construction.



Now the HotEnd is ready. you can mount it on the extruder (see chapter 5: The Extruder)




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